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We guarantee a Polish product made in Poland
Our studio has been producing leathercraft and bookbinding accessories for over 40 years, mainly for advertising purposes. We have always wanted to operate as a studio, not a factory. As a result, we are more flexible in terms of design, colors and finishing of our products.
The combination of old leathercraft methods with bookbinding allowed to create a unique style and durability of the products, and this is how the TOMI-GINALDI brand was created, with which you have the opportunity to get acquainted.
Our own art studio allows us to offer you original products made using traditional methods that guarantee long-term use.
In 2001, we launched another activity related to work on the eastern markets.
From that moment until the beginning of the pandemic, the recipients of our products were companies with whom we constantly work, companies with whom we traveled to the east, as well as companies from eastern markets.
The pandemic and the resulting problems with travel allowed us to present our offer to a wider group of customers.

Our products

We offer interesting booklets for business cards and a case for personal business cards, notebooks of various formats, conference folders, interesting solutions for calendars and a number of other products.
At the client’s request, we put a logo, initials, graphics, … on our products.
Angielski We can combine colors, use different thread colors, propose a choice of finishes, and we always try to meet the customer’s expectations.
We have metal fonts and we can personalize our products.
We offer interesting design and high quality of workmanship.
We are always happy to share our extensive experience in choosing the right gifts.
The company has been operating under the name TETO-LEDER since 1980, and in 2008 we introduced our brand TOMI-GINALDI.

Business card holders

Our offer includes a wide selection of business card holders from small pocket pockets to large ones intended for secretariats or director’s desks. For demanding customers, we offer the RETRO series in which the spines of business card holders are modeled on old books.

Business card case

Our offer includes metal business card cases finished with natural or eco-leather as well as classic sewn ones where we have 2 or 4 pockets. driving, …)

Notebooks, notebooks, covers for diplomas

Our offer includes notebooks and notebooks for various purposes and in many formats – from small A5 to A4. Of course, we can make any formats according to the customer’s needs.


We offer interesting solutions for calendars in a book company as well as those connected with a notebook.

Other products

We also offer interesting solutions: cases for glasses, cases for playing cards, cases for pens. Also in the case of cases, we are open to developing new designs according to the customer’s needs. The offer also includes wallets.
We pay attention to sets consisting of, for example, any business card holder produced by our company + business card case, calendar + glasses case, …


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the catalog of all our products.


The products are made of natural leather of Polish and Italian production as well as other raw materials that can replace the leather – the so-called ecological leather.
Basic colors of ecological leather:
but we are happy to make multicolored products for companies, which, thanks to such execution, better correspond to the colors of a given company.

The DOSTLIK association

For many years, the TETO-LEDER company has been dealing with the organization of economic missions. We started in Lithuania, gradually expanding the scope of activities to Latvia, Ukraine and other countries. Thanks to this activity, many companies established contacts and appeared on these markets.

TETO-LEDER together with partners Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Russia will create the DOSTLIK Association . The main task of DOSTLIK Association is mutual promotion of countries, economic cooperation, assistance in establishing business contacts, and legal assistance.

We specialize in Russia, the Caucasus and the Balkans.

Thanks to this combination of professionalism and knowledge of foreign markets, our missions are characterized by high efficiency in the selection of companies and a high percentage of effectively established contacts.
At the moment, due to pandemics and the inability to predict pandemic laws in the countries where we worked, we were forced to suspend this activity.


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